This website and its sub-brands are headquartered in Karatay Konya, Turkey, as Nesil Plastik, in the case of Turkish Trade numbered 6102, with a capital of 200.000 €, the company group is under the name of Nesil Plastik, Şahin YAĞCI and Ersan Caliskan.

The director of the firm, Sn. Şahin YAĞCI.

Persons related to the site address: the general structure of the site, this valid URL, the domain name, the texts of the site, whether they have pictures or not, the visitors, brands and logos are designed by Nesil Plastik.

If the site or data is used in any digital plastic place, any type of advertisement, full or in any region (display on platforms such as Catalogue, CD-DVD Interfaces, etc.) / persons / organization / institution / encompasses anything like it that is acceptable and appropriately considered

This is information about the content provider and website owner and the use and / or protection of databases in compliance with Nesil Plastik rights at the same time.

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