Our Activities and Objectives About the Sector

During our long term of working in cheese mold manufacturing, we had observed many problems in the process especially in Cheddar Cheese Producing so we had researched for a long time and finally we found much more hygienic ways to manufacture it. We used our R&D searches to gain faster producing with lesser employee.

Believing in our long and hard working, we established Nesil Plastik in 2005, to be one of the best companies in the sector. Then we decided to manufacture the single Cheddar molds in different geometric shapes in weighs between 250gr and 14kg

In short period, we could produce 400 pieces in different sizes

Through our continuous work, we were able to have international patent by making single Kasseri molds into multiple molds in one piece

İn addition to our patent multiple cheddar cheese molds we developed multiple cheddar cheese forming, stowage, running, cooling and discharging.

Our system is the first in Turkey and the world, thanks to it, we minimized producing errors, employees and it get more hygienic than before.

In addition, we continue to produce tongue cheese mold, Kasseri cheese mold, Gouda cheese mold, farm cheese mold etc.

Our principle as Nesil Plastik is continuous improvement and innovation.

We aim to strengthen our position in the global market by taking the customer’s satisfaction and demands into account and to meet them in the best way.

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