Our Human Resources Policy


We always strive to provide Nesil Plastik with competencies that fit the values and culture of the company.

It is achieved by boosting the motivation and devotion of employees, promoting sustainable high performance and continuous development of the working system aiming to achieve our corporate goals and aspirations.


In this scope, our Nesil Plastic Human Resources Policy is as following:

  1. Meeting company needs by having access to a resource of people qualified to help achieve company goals.
  2. Forming and developing the infrastructure for procurement, training, career management, payment and reward systems.
  3. Supporting and motivating the employees in order to help them increase their contributions to the operation processes and outputs of the company.
  4. Investing in the professional and personal skills of our employees in order to create a medium of continuous learning and improvement.
    Increasing and sustaining the devotion of our employees to Nesil Plastic with an open and transparent management approach by providing a working space and atmosphere that best fit their needs.
  5. Becoming a preferred employer brand by enhancing the communication between the company and human resources that are customer oriented, highly motivated, able to adapt to change and capable of leading.
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