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We are specialist producer of White, Feta, Hard and Semi Soft Cheese Molds.

We have been doing R&D studies for years aiming to speed up the cheese production process.

We are working with a new molding technology which bring you maximum production capacity with minimum number of employees.

We have already very important local customers, As well as we export products to many countries  (Germany- Bulgaria- Holland- Romania- Kosovo- Italy etc. )

Ready to response all of your special orders

Nesil Plastic Quality Understanding

Our main principle is committing to quality assurance standards and developing our company consistently according to our R&D and new technologies.

Nesil Plastic Mission

Our mission is to present the best product and to provide the best service from the design to the delivery in addition to after sale services.
Meeting all needs of our customer.

Customer Satisfaction

The increasing rate of our customers number in cheese molding, dairy sector, machinery and automation services is directly proportional to ourefforts in quality service.

Service Quality

As Nesil Plastic, we are targeting remarkable best quality solutions with our special team. We are making long lasting works with our suppliers, clients, employee, also competitors. We are acting with “trust principle first” in our relationships. We are acting with the creating value, winning and winning together philosophy in our business life.

Carrying Work Safety

Our business is based on TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards.We take all measures to identify the production process, to upgrade the quality, to analysis and eliminate the risks.We had also set the planning and implementation process for all stages of production.We are working to increase our company quality by organizing training programs periodically for all our employees.

Sustainability & Ecology

We have fulfilled all legal obligations ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System and Pollution Sources Management.

We control the environmental pollution factor in all our productions. We carry out all the training and needed applications to completely eliminate adverse environmental factors.


    Picnic Type Cheese Molds

  2. Head Model Cheese Molds

    Head Model Cheese Molds

  3. Block Model Molds

    Block Type Cheese Molds

  4. Hard Semıhard Cheeses Pıcnıc Type Molds

    Hard Semihard Cheeses Picnic Type Molds

  5. Specıal Type Cheese Molds

    Specıal Type Cheese Molds

  6. Machıne Desıgn and Producıng

    Machine Design and Producing

Our Brands


“PLASKON” is a Nesil Plastic Brand.


“MILKROM” is a Nesil Plastic Brand.


“simbat” is Nesil Plastic Brand.

FOOD – TECH EURASIA 2017 ( 25-28 OCTOBER 2017 )

As Nesil Plastic, We are joining 12th International Food and Drink Technologies...

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NESIL PLASTIC Address: Plaskon Plastikçiler Sit. Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10454 Sok. No : 16 Karatay / KONYA / TÜRKİYE
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